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Nov 18, 2022
In Welcome to the discussion
Hey--I am actually asking for my twenty year old son who is looking for a job but struggles with anxiety and communication, especially when he's put on the spot. Familiar anyone? The jobs he has had to this point he hasn't had to interview for so while he does not have interview experience he does have very valuable and varied work//life experience. Even though I recognize that the whole thing is very individual, any strategies/tips would be very appreciated by him. He has practiced some very generic interview questions with his OT but tends to "go blank" when nervous and someone shoots an unexpected question at him. I do recall a short discussion on this very topic at one of the first support meetings I went to and I also remember feeling so much better that I personally am not alone in my own experiencing difficulty when interviewing. Same too with my son. Thanks all!
Nov 15, 2022
In General Info
Just wanted to say that I am listening to some of the first panel discussion as I type this and I am gobsmacked by the courage and generosity of those speaking--there is so much potential for knowledge sharing and general support available. If you register now but cannot take part today, I believe that you will be emailed the recording so you can access the info at your leisure. This said, your participation in real time would allow you to provide your experiences and or concerns to the conference itself. I am grateful that True notified us of this! Take care, friends! 😊


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