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I'd like to engage with other autistic people on PEI in a community or peer support group of autistic adults including autistic seniors. We are a group of autistic adults/seniors that meet online and/or in person to talk about autism, share experiences of navigating PEI as autistic adults, and be supportive to each other. Self diagnosed is fine.

Research indicates autistic people are like everyone else: we find it easier to connect with, and form friendships with, people who think and communicate like we do. We should all be able to find our find friends or companions or even acquaintances who will accept us for who we are.

The overall mandate for the community is just to be a share, accept, and support each other. Maybe even a bit of celebration and promotion of the positive aspects of autism. The little I see on PEI to support autism seems to be directed towards parents of autistic children and leaves out the adults. That's a big gap since autism is a life long condition.

There's strength in numbers and there should be Nothing about us without us. I am not a psychologist, psychiatrist, or any kind of health professional and neither the group or the website are affiliated with any organization. The support would be peer support from other autistic people. 

After joining please go to members tab to create your profile and follow the other members.

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