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A few years ago I read this article on the Art of Autism website: How Mindfulness and Meditation Have Changed My Life . Since then I've tried different meditation practices and I really enjoy it.

Mindfulness didn't really work for me and I was reluctant to pay to try transcendental meditation but I found another mantra meditation that works for me and I've been doing it every morning since. Deep meditation on the website Advanced Yoga Practices is the process I have been following. There are many other techniques and lessons on that site if you want to explore meditation further.

Another method of meditation is Heartfulness Meditation I found that one when I was reading a website called Transforming Autism The author of that website described it as 'Heartfulness could be a potential life-line for anyone struggling to manage the practical or emotional challenges they face'

Give it a try and leave a comment or if you already meditate let us know in the comments what your experience is like.

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