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A few years ago I read this article on the Art of Autism website: How Mindfulness and Meditation Have Changed My Life . Since then I've tried different meditation practices and I really enjoy it.

Mindfulness didn't really work for me and I was reluctant to pay to try transcendental meditation but I found another mantra meditation that works for me and I've been doing it every morning since. Deep meditation on the website Advanced Yoga Practices is the process I have been following. There are many other techniques and lessons on that site if you want to explore meditation further.

Another method of meditation is Heartfulness Meditation I found that one when I was reading a website called Transforming Autism The author of that website described it as 'Heartfulness could be a potential life-line for anyone struggling to manage the practical or emotional challenges they face'

Give it a try and leave a comment or if you already meditate let us know in the comments what your experience is like.

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Dec 06, 2021

I have some links for the Advanced Yoga Practices that I mentioned above: If you are interested in learning the Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP) system at home, a directory with over 500 free written lessons can be found here. The lessons will guide you step-by-step through a complete full-scope yoga practice. Hundreds of lesson additions and audio recordings of the lessons, as well as all of the AYP books in read-only mode, can be found on AYP Plus here. AYP Plus is a subscription site. Facebook groups and pages The AYP Facebook public group is here and the AYP Facebook page is here The AYP International Facebook private group is here and the page is here.

You can …

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