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An Easy Way to Urgently Help Pass Basic Income Bill S-233

"Something groundbreaking for basic income is happening in the Canadian Senate. Bill S-233 (An Act to develop a national framework for a guaranteed livable basic income) is one vote away from passage in Committee. If it is passed in Committee, it returns to the Senate where we have every expectation that it already has the votes to pass Third Reading and be sent to the House of Commons." (from PEIWGLI Update # 15)

Just popping by to ask for your kind support. Please copy, paste (and possibly personalize, if you wish) the below letter and send to PEI Senator Jane MacAdam whose vote matters:

Here's the template letter I wrote that you can copy and paste into a new email and personalize for sending to Sen MacAdam. I ran it by a member of the PEI Working Group for Livable Income for inaccuracies and she approved it:

Dear Senator MacAdam,

Congratulations on your role and thank you for your efforts as a representative for Prince Edward Island in the Senate!

I am writing to you today as a very concerned Island citizen.

We are currently living at the intersection of so many crises affecting Islanders pocketbooks and general well being. That more than one third of Island children live in food insecure households is astonishing and unacceptable both. Reducing poverty for those suffering its worst effects is more needed now than ever.

I have followed the Basic Income debate for some time now and I believe that Basic Income deserves to pass in committee and move to further debate as I see it holding real potential for mitigating harm and loss of dignity that comes from being poor. Hence the reason for this letter to you today.

Bill S-233 (an Act to develop a national framework for a guaranteed livable basic income) is at a critical juncture. We need it to pass in Committee so it can go on to a third reading. There is so much at stake here. I really want to see this make its way back to the Senate and as an Islander, I would deeply appreciate knowing you support Bill S-233 passing in committee.

Please vote in favour of Bill S-233  sponsored by Senator Kim Pate. The passing of this bill would bring hope to so many Islanders who are struggling to meet their basic needs.

Thank you for your time with this and my best wishes to you from PEI.



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1 Comment

Mar 14

Oh my goodness...and of course you can compose your own in its entirety using the info I have shared etc....thanks and wishing you ease!

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