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Leadnow: Please take a few minutes and tell Senate how a Basic Income will Help YOU

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

On Wed. Nov. 22nd, 2023 PEI made history with release of a landmark paper on Basic Income.

This collaborative effort was the result of many, many volunteer hours by amazing and diverse specialists from across Canada. Thanks to this report, with its concentrated focus on the nuts and bolts of what a 5-7 year Guaranteed Basic Income demonstration project could look like here on PEI, Islanders (and all Canadians) can get a better feel for how a basic income demonstration rollout would happen.

We estimate that this proposed GBI benefit would put Prince Edward Island on a path to meet its poverty reduction targets [and] can be fully financed while ensuring that most PEI taxpayers are better off.

As you can imagine, this is an exciting and critical step towards potentially getting basic income off the ground here! In these dark days we are collectively living, a basic income could be the light at the end of the tunnel for so many people who are currently struggling with poverty.

As well, national basic income advocates are still working hard to make the voices of everyday Canadians who could benefit from a basic income heard. Leadnow is currently requesting Canadians take a few minutes to share how their lives might be improved by the implementation of a basic income program. This is a fabulous chance to have your voice heard. Last June I was personally told by the amazing Senator Kim Pate that our Senators will read every story that comes across their desks and that PERSONAL STORIES are the MOST POWERFUL!

Click below to tell Senate how a basic income could help YOU or someone you care about:

And please take a few minutes to check out the guaranteed basic income report released last week. Section 9.1 (p.25-26) makes several good points on GBI and disability, one of which is:

"The implementation of the GBI cannot replace targeted essential programs like

AccessAbility Supports, which provide disability-specific in-kind social supports; therefore, these programs need to remain in place alongside the introduction of any GBI program."

As Marie Burge of the PEI Working Group on Livable Income (PEIWGLI) said at the media release of the report..." We will have our work cut out for us as advocates, to correct and perfect the program..." (should it be implemented here on PEI).

A very important document and one critical step closer to a demonstration project on PEI!

In sum, this proposal provides a roadmap for a feasible GBI for Islanders aged 18 to 64. Together with the Canada Child Benefit, the Old Age Security (OAS)/Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) and the new Canada Disability Benefit reintroduced in the legislature by the Government of Canada, this proposed GBI has the potential to create an Island without poverty, paving the way for a Canada without poverty.

Thanks for your time,

In hope!


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