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Basic Income Guarantee Goes Before the Senate: Lead Now Requests Your Signature

This is just a quick post to request your signature on a Basic Income Guarantee petition by Lead Now Canada.

As well, here is a quick video by UBI Works:

While I am not a huge fan of UBI Works, I am sharing this link because it is, to me, a good video. I am not a huge UBI fan because they are in support of basic income for all instead of just targeting those who need it most.

This, to me, is a strange angle on basic income because the intent of a basic income guarantee (BIG) or a guaranteed livable income (GLI) is to help those who most need it...not to just roll out cheques to everyone.

Rolling out cheques to everyone sounds too expensive to me while the 5-7 year demonstration project proposed for PEI will hopefully use an income tested method of deciding who qualifies and it will hopefully be "no strings attached".

Bill S-233 is an Act to develop a national framework for a guaranteed livable basic income. The Sponsor, Senator Kim Pate, is a wonderfully kind and fiercely intelligent human who is devoted to the cause of creating a more caring and inclusive Canada. My youngest daughter and I had the great pleasure early last summer of sitting around a small table with Sen Pate as well as some other wonderful social activists from PEI to discuss basic income and it was truly an enlightening chat.

During that visit, Senator Pate said that the Senate would love to hear from Canadians and I can help you tell your story either anonymously or with your permission to share your name and circumstances. I think there is a real opportunity here for autistic persons who find themselves living in poverty to, as Sen Pate says, "get a leg up and out of poverty."

If you would like to share your story explaining why you think a basic income guarantee might improve your life or the life of someone you love, please feel free to contact me, Jill @

We unfortunately live the reality that life is challenging for autistic persons...why not support something that might bring a measure of ease and security to our lives?

Please read and sign:

Wishing you wellness!

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