The Beautiful Reality of Autism

This was shared on the Autism Canada ASD Central Facebook group awhile ago.

The beautiful reality of autism | Guy Shahar | TEDxWandsworth.

I found it quite fascinating as I tend to withdraw when dealing with people because of my fear of becoming overwhelmed and acting too emotional and the result has been that I come across as having no feelings or lacking empathy.

Much of the time it was because I was in new situations or dealing with people who didn't respond as I hoped/expected/wanted. And sometimes just because I felt such negative energy I couldn't think straight.

But there have, of course, been those rare experiences when I would connect with someone or the situation and just shine...for that brief period of time a normal smart competent person.

Anyway it's a different way of looking at autistic people and I hope you all enjoy it.

I also wanted to mention the speaker, Guy Shahar has a website and that's where I found out about Heartfulness meditation that I mentioned in the previous post on meditation.

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