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How and Why Neurotypicals Misunderstand and Mistreat Autistic People

This article is similar to one I posted earlier entitled "Interesting theory regarding social interactions" as this one also talks about the Double Empathy Problem.

Some of the paragraphs I found interesting include:

"A number of recent empirical studies have examined how neurotypicals perceive and judge autistics, shedding light on the social barriers faced by autistics in a world built for neurotypicals: Allistic peers are less likely to interact with autistic people because of immediate and unconscious negative judgments that are based purely on social communication style, and not substance. Autistic people are also often perceived by neurotypicals as deceptive or lacking credibility."

"These studies support the Double Empathy Problem—a framework that describes the mismatch between autistic and allistic social communication. The Double Empathy Problem suggests that “autistic people have difficulty fitting into society not just because they misunderstand others but also because they are misunderstood by others.”

and especially "Many autistic people consider that autistics have a unique perspective that can only be fully understood by other autistics, emphasizing the importance of the autistic community and peer support. Studies on autistics and other marginalized groups highlight the importance of peer support and mentoring in empowering the members of the community and contributing to their wellbeing: the community provides social support, facilitates collective action and advocacy, and can provide an environment free of neuronormative expectations."

Again, the full article written by Heini Natri is here: Give it a read and add your comments.

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