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PEI Autistic Adults is a community or peer support group of autistic adults including autistic seniors. Like everyone else, autistic people are more comfortable in the company of their peers. We find it easier to understand, communicate, and bond with other autistic people who will accept us for who we are. If you're autistic, why not join us?

Our mission is to be a community of Autistic Adults on PEI through peer support, lived experience and knowledge sharing.
Our vision is to celebrate and promote the positive aspects of autism while advocating acceptance and consideration from the wider community in PEI.
Our mandate is to make a positive difference in the lives of all the Autistic Adults who join us and improve our outcomes and quality of life here on PEI.

Please note the support would be peer support from other autistic people just like you. We are not health professionals of any kind and neither the group nor the website are affiliated with any organization.  

We invite you to explore the website and take the chance to reach out to your peers and make a connection. We're looking forward to meeting you!

  • There's a discussion forum where we discuss topics of interest to autistic people or anything anyone wants to talk about. We also plan for and post our meetings there.

  • Currently, we meet over Zoom. We plan to expand as required.

  • We have a public blog where you could post your thoughts or share articles about autism you've found interesting.

  • We also have a private members' area and private chat functionality.

  • We could have a social group for people who want to find like-minded autistic people to attend events. Maybe you could set up the first event?

So how about you?  Would you like to connect with your peers?

  • If you'd like to participate in any of the activities mentioned above, please join our group and you can start by creating your profile and following the other members.

  • If you're interested in attending events or activities with other like-minded individuals please create a post in the Welcome to the Discussion section of the Forum to which others can respond.

  • If you'd like to try writing a blog or sharing your thoughts on an article about autism that someone else has written, after joining please respond to the post in the General Info section of the Forum indicating your interest.

If you'd like to participate in the in-person activities/meetings but don't wish to interact online please send an email to with your preferences. You will be contacted when something is scheduled that meets your wishes. I hope to eventually have a telephone contact if I can find a member who would like to do that for the group.

Click the Twitter icon to access our neglected Twitter account. If you join, maybe you could run our Twitter account for us.

All members are welcome to participate in whatever aspects you'd like depending on your time and interest. I'm hoping everyone will be able to find like-minded individuals to share interests, discuss issues, attend events, etc.

Join now and help shape the community.

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