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PEI Autistic Adults is a community or peer support group of autistic adults including autistic seniors. Research indicates autistic people are generally more comfortable in the company of their peers finding it easier to understand, communicate, and bond with other autistic people. Since I couldn't find such a group on PEI  I decided to try and start one. Hopefully other autistic adults and seniors will join and contribute.

I invite you to explore the website and take the chance to reach out to your peers and make a connection. I really hope you will join us.

  • There's a discussion forum where we discuss topics of interest to autistic people or anything anyone wants to talk about. We will also arrange our meetings or any outings there.

  • We could meet in person or virtually, assign different topics for discussion and/or arrange for speakers to speak to us.  

  • We could have a social group for people who want to find like minded autistic people to attend events.

  • We have a blog where you could post your thoughts or share articles about autism you've found interesting.

  • We also have chat functionality that sends an email to the member if they're not online.

So how about you?  Would you like to connect with your peers?

  • If you'd like to discuss issues online with other autistic adults/seniors, please join our group and post on the forum or respond to others' posts.

  • If you'd like to meet with other autistic adults/seniors online or in person, please join the group and respond to the posts in the General Info section of the Forum indicating your interest. Please let us know when (days, times) you'd like to meet as well as your general location.

  • If you'd like to go to an event with other like-minded individuals or organize activities for the group to participate in please join the group and then create a post in the Welcome to the discussion section of the Forum to which others can respond.

  • If you'd like to try writing a blog or sharing your thoughts on an article about autism that someone else has written, please join the group and respond to the post in the General Info section of the Forum indicating your interest.

If you'd like to participate in the in-person activities/meetings but don't wish to interact online please send an email to with your preferences. You will be contacted when something is scheduled that meets your wishes.

One of our members has created a Facebook group; clicking the Facebook icon takes you directly to the group.

I hope to eventually have a telephone contact if I can find a member who would like to do that for the group.

All members are welcome to participate in whatever aspects you'd like depending on your time and interest. I'm hoping everyone will be able to find like-minded individuals to share interests, discuss issues, attend events, etc.

Join now and help shape the community.



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  • The About tab describes why I created the website and what I hope the community will become.

  • The Blog tab is mainly articles from other websites that I found interesting and I hope you will too. Also posts with links to online tests that you could take to see if you MIGHT be autistic. If you'd like to write a blog please respond to the post "Would you like to guest write a blog?" in the General Info section of the PEI Autistic Adults Forum after joining our group.

  • The Forum tab is where members can start discussions or post a question. I've started two discussions about meetings in General Info - please respond with your preferences.

  • The Quotes tab contains what I hope are Interesting & Inspiring Quotes

  • Clicking the Facebook icon takes you to the Facebook group created by one of our members.

  • The email address for the group is in the upper left of the home page. Please email if you'd like to be involved with the meetings or social group but don't wish to join online. You can also email with any questions you have that you don't wish to post on the forum.

  • The Members tab lists all the members. Once you join you can create a personal profile and follow and chat with other members.

  • The Resources tab lists links to resources available to autistic adults on PEI. There are websites by and for autistic people with helpful articles, resources and links to supports; a link to the Adult ICAN anxiety and depression program that is available to all of us on PEI; Autism PEI; plus AIDE Canada has sent us some information and links to programs that they've found here on PEI. I'm hoping members will share information in the forum about their experiences or resources they've used.

  • The Groups tab will list all the groups associated with the site. At this time there is only the one group but as people join we can create more groups. Within the Groups page the members can connect with other members, upload and share pictures and other media.

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