The following are links that I hope will be helpful to other autistic adults and seniors. Please advise in the forum if you have used any of these resources and if you don't mind sharing please tell us a little about your experience. Additionally please let us know in the forum of other resources you've found helpful. Thanks!

A place of collective stories, reflecting on the barriers facing Autistic people addressing the negative narrative of Autism, focusing on Autism as an Identity, as an acceptable Neurology, while at the same time addressing the aspects of being Autistic that can be disabling, both by society, but as a Disability too.

This website was created by Mykola Bilokonsky and contains resources around different neurotypes. There are wonderful essays by Mykola Bilokonsky, as well as many by a diverse range of guest authors, and links to external resources. I highly recommend this website.

A collective of Autistic people responsive to the evolving needs and trajectory of the Autistic community. By publishing autistic voices, we are cataloguing the intersectional experiences, insights, knowledge, talents, and creative pursuits of Autistics.

Our Vision -To empower and connect individuals within the autism community through participation in the Arts.
Our Mission -To foster independence, self-esteem and artistic expression by participation in The Art of Autism Project.
A member of PEI Autistic Adults is published here!

We aim to create a reliable, centralized, and accessible resource by writing, curating, and sharing original autism news and articles. We also want to help new autism community members develop a positive yet realistic attitude, and to appreciate autistic people’s strengths while supporting their struggles.

Autism Health and Wellbeing is a website where autistic people share strategies they find helpful and healing. The site includes a toolkit that they and their contributors find helpful in supporting their health and wellbeing:-

Autistics for Autistics Ontario (A4A) is a collective of autistic adults advocating for reform to autism funding and services, provincially and federally. We are self-advocates,  meaning that neither our parents nor service providers advocate “for” us.

Autistics United (AU) Canada is a grassroots advocacy organization by and for Autistic people in what is colonially known as Canada.

The Adult ICAN anxiety and depression program (ages 18+) is designed to help you learn skills to control, face and deal with your emotions. You will learn skills to use daily, to help you overcome and deal with major life stressors. Not autism specific but I found it helpful.

This link is to a free, nation-wide lending library. Borrow free books, audiobooks, ebooks and more from the AIDE Canada Library. The library is open to everyone in Canada.

The Autism Society of Prince Edward Island is a non-profit, charitable organization which strives to improve the lives of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) and the lives of their families.

AIDE and partners have created many toolkits, webinars and infographics covering a wide range of topics from education, to housing and beyond specifically for Prince Edward Island. Above is a link to the Overview AIDE has created for us.

A housing Toolkit that will provide individuals and their families information about housing options in their province and what supports are available to them.

A workshop that will give you a solid foundation of knowledge about stress, will provide insight into the unique challenges autistic individuals face when managing stress, and will provide strategies to support you in navigating the holidays.